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Getting Started

MagiGLIDE™ UK Ltd was established in October 2010 under the leadership of award winning and highly commended Credit Suisse entrepreneur Jane Louise Pickup. MagiGLIDE™ UK Ltd has been established to further expand the global network distribution of the MagiGLIDE™ Glider and is responsible for the sole distribution within the UK and Ireland.

We originally brought MagiGLIDE™ into the UK to solve a service issue for our contract furnishing company Style Counsel Interiors Ltd. Our hotel client was concerned that in trying to move heavy sofa beds he was likely to cause damage to either, the sofa bed, the floor and/or his staff. We were so impressed with both the product and the results we decided to purchase the distribution rights to the product as we could see endless applications and opportunities to develop MagiGLIDE™ in to the UK. MagiGLIDE™ UK Ltd was subsequently established.

Since establishing the company we have created a new and growing market for this innovative product. Eye catching and informative retail packs and point of sale material have been created to launch the product into the retail sector, from Furniture Retailers to Hardware Stores and Flooring Retailers to Appliance Shops, such is the versatility of MagiGLIDE™.

We have also launched MagiGLIDE™ into contract markets including:

  • Appliance Manufacturers where they are used by service engineers to help move heavy appliances without damaging customers floors.
  • Care Homes helping to eliminate H&S issues when moving furniture.
  • Restaurants and Hotels reducing floor maintenance costs and noise pollution.
  • Schools and Offices, diverse applications include moving pianos for morning assembly to protecting expensive flooring in boardrooms.

MagiGLIDE™ has a long and successful trading history in mainland Europe and the Far East. In these markets it has become renowned as "The Best long term solution"  for dramatically reducing floor maintenance costs and movability issues in extreme contract environments. To find out more, visit our Case Study page.

The Product

MagiGLIDE™ gliders may be very simple to look at but appearance can be very deceptive!. They are made from two high performance materials, the combination of which gives MagiGLIDE™ unique performance capabilities.

Elastomer Rubber – black side of the glider

Elastomer Rubber is a new generation of rubber that has extreme resistance to heat, pressure, shocks and has the unique ability to absorb vibration and weight. Every time you move something heavy, this is the chain reaction being transferred between your furniture and the floor. This rubber is so robust that it can be found in some of the worlds most demanding environments such as: Formula 1 racing engines, Aerospace, and the Military.

PTFE –  the grey side of the glider

PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene, quite simply, has the lowest co-efficient of friction in the world, as listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. A material so smooth it's equivalent to "wet ice on wet ice".

This product is so amazing we have dedicated a whole section to it. For more amazing facts please go to "About PTFE".

About PTFE

PTFE is a synthetic product that finds numerous applications. The most well known brand name for this product is Teflon by Dupont Co. It is commonly believed that Teflon (PTFE) like Velcro is a spin-off product from the NASA space projects. However, that is not so, even though both products have been used by NASA.

Applications for use, just some of them...

In the home

PTFE is widely used as a non-stick material in expensive pots and pans. It's also the product used to protect carpets and upholstery from staining (Teflon Coated!) and waterproofing outdoor wear.

  • Teflon Frying Pan
  • O2 Arena London
  • Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis USA


Medical– PTFE is used in a wide variety of human implants such as sutures and vascular grafts. The majority of permanent implants are used for lifesaving implants like sewing collars for heart valves.


Probably the largest ever single application for PTFE was the roof of the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis USA, coverage was approximately 20 acres. The roof of the 02 Arena (formerly The Millennium Dome) in London is also made from a substantial use of PTFE coatings. It is widely believed that PTFE was the chosen material for the Dome in order to prevent “bird droppings” from sticking to it!

PTFE has the lowest co-efficient of friction for a solid material in the world and is stated in the Guinness book of World records. It has a slip value equivalent to wet ice on wet ice and is the only known solid substance that a Gecko cannot stick to!


The Association for Manufacturers of Elastic Flooring Germany (FEB) has recognised the floor protection qualities of MagiGLIDE™ and has recently endorsed the brand. The association is made up of some of Europes leading flooring manufacturers such as Amtico, Gerflor and Objectflor.

Karndean Design Flooring

MagiGLIDE™ is endorsed by Kardean Design Flooring, one of the world’s most renowned and respected luxury flooring companies. Endorsements don't come any finer and this is something we are extremely proud of!

Case Studies

MagiGLIDE™ is widely used in extreme contract environments such as hotels, care homes and restaurants. Case studies have shown significant savings in excess of 50% of floor maintenance costs after implementing the MagiGLIDE™ system. Helping also to prolong the life of furniture, it has shown greater efficiency in housekeeping, improved hygiene, reduction in noise pollution and improved health and safety environment for housekeeping and maintenance staff.

These are just some of our revered clients:

  • Aman Resorts
  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • Mandarin Oriental The Hotel Group
  • Marriott Hotels and Resorts
  • P and O Ferries
  • Stay City

Case Study: Heidemann Gasthaus Hotel (Germany)

The Challenge: Reduce the floor maintenance budget for restaurants and public areas. In particular for wooden and marble floors.

Our Achievements: Budget before implementing MagiGLIDE™: 17500 Euros per annum. Budget after implementation: 7000 Euros per annum. Implementation cost: 2500 Euros.

Case Study: Marriott Hotel (Indonesia, Surabaya)

The Challenge: Reduce damage to furniture, reduce noise pollution and improve health and safety for housekeeping. (Heavy sofa beds and dining tables on carpet and laminate flooring).

Our Achievements: Budget before implementing MagiGLIDE™: 13000 Euros per annum. Budget after implementation: 4000 Euros per annum. Implementation cost: 3000 Euros.

Case Study: Stay City Apartments Hotel (Liverpool)

The Challenge: Reduce damage to furniture, reduce noise pollution and improve health and safety for housekeeping. (Heavy sofa beds and dining tables on carpet and laminate flooring).

Our Achievements: Since implementation in May 2010, there have been no reported issues of damaged frames on sofa beds or broken legs on dining tables. Health and safety issues linked to moving these furniture items have ceased and there is an overall reduction in the transfer of noise within this multi storey building. The MagiGLIDE™ system has since been incorporated into Stay City: Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Customer Feedback

Just a quick snippet to what our customer think!

"Purchased castor cups to put under piano wheels and they work very well. The piano is still heavy to move but it will now slide so that we can get behind it to clean and decorate. I highly recommend this product."

Pat, Style Direct customer

"These are great and have saved my flooring."

Amazon customer

"This was excellent service for a brilliant product. Was even able to move a heavy dining table, and I have mobility problems. Thank you, shall get some more for other furniture."

Amazon customer

"Bought a 4 pack 25mm to try out on new amtico flooring, they worked far better than I could have imagined, hence we purchased a multi pack. Excellent product and there really isn't anything else on the market that can offer all these benefits. trust me, we did shop around."

William and Sue, Style Direct customers

"Very impressive, you can't tell they are under the furniture and they work. Have tried plastic ones in the past but poor quality compared to these."


"Never in the world did I think these would work, but they are absolutely fabulous!"

Debs, Style Direct customers

"Great Item! Worked brilliant on a pure marble table that was otherwise unmovable!!"

Amazon customer

"Great Item! Worked brilliant on a pure marble table that was otherwise unmovable!!"

Amazon customer

"Arrived within 24 hours of ordering. You cannot ask for better than that. The gliders were used for both kitchen appliances and furniture on a new laminate floor. They are brilliant and so easy to fit."

Amazon customer

"Used on coffee table, dining table and sofas, great quality would highly recommend. Simple to apply as well. Slighty more expensive than others that I have used but a million times better. Worth every penny."

Denise S, Style Direct customer

"We bought these for our furniture before having a new wooden floor laid. Excellent in preventing scratch marks."

Amazon customer

"Couldn't do without these gliders. They are perfect!"

Amazon customer


Q. Which size should I buy?

A. The general rule of thumb is that the glider should be the same size or smaller than the feet on your furniture or appliance. The glider does not need to be the same shape as the foot. For example if you have a large square foot on your sofa 90mm x 90mm, a 70mm round glider will work perfectly.

Q. How do I fit MagiGLIDES?

A. The majority of MagiGLIDES come with super strength self adhesive pads in place. (see specific product information for more details). Ensure that the surface of the foot is clean and dry before attempting to fit the MagiGLIDES in place. Once fitted allow a few minutes for the adhesive to bond before attempting to move any appliance or furniture.

Q. Can I use the Castor Cup on any type furniture or appliance?

A. The simple answer is no. The castor cup is designed specifically for furniture on wheels. Please check the product information for recommended maximum wheel dimensions. No self adhesive pads are required for the castor cup.

Q. What is the Nail and Clip system?

A. The nail and clip is designed specifically for dining chairs with wooden legs. This durable system was originally developed for the restaurant and hotel industry for dining chairs in constant use.

Q. How long will MagiGLIDES last?

A. The grey surface of the glider (PTFE) will eventually wear away over time but this is totally dependant on how often the item of furniture or appliance is moved and of course what type of surface it is on. If you consider a car tyre for example, these are designed to last for thousands of miles in normal day to day driving. The quicker you run up those thousands of miles the sooner you will have to replace the tyres. The same can be said for MagiGLIDES.

We would suggest that where possible you should rotate furniture that is on constant use. E.G. if you have glides on 6 dining chairs and only 2 are used regularly, we would suggest that you rotate the chairs around periodically so that the wear on the gliders is spread more evenly.

PTFE is a very soft surface so ensure that the floor area is free from grit or debris to avoid damaging the surface of the PTFE.

It is also vitally important to ensure that once fitted the glider sits flat to the floor. If the glider is at an angle to the floor this will cause too much weight and pressure on one area of the glider causing the PTFE to wear away more quickly.

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