MagiGLIDE™ Appliance Movers

Helping you to move and protect your world.

  • Fitting Magiglide to a Washing Machine
  • Magiglide shown on a washing machine foot
  • A washing machine sliding back into position with the aid of a Magiglide

Moving your appliances with ease...

MagiGLIDE™ appliance movers are designed to sit neatly beneath the feet of your appliance. Once fitted you will be amazed at just how easy moving appliances can actually be! MagiGLIDES even make light work of heavy items.

For Magiglides to work correctly it is important that you select the correct shape and size of glider. You should select a glider that is the same size or slightly smaller than that of your furniture or appliance foot. Once applied we recommend that you wait 15 minutes for the bond to set.

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Measuring and fitting tips

MagiGLIDE™ your home

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Sizes Available

Self Adhesive MagiGLIDE™ Appliance Movers are available in three sizes. Please find below a complete list of all available Magiglides.

Self Adhesive MagiGLIDE™ Appliance Movers Round 25mm Round 30mm Round 40mm

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